15 BEST Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home in 2021

White house with painted black trim

Finally, 2021 has arrived and with it, new trends in exterior home design that we can’t wait to share with you. Here, we will be diving into one of our favorite topics, exterior paint colors. We have named the 15 best exterior paint colors for your home in 2021.  Read on, as we reveal brick&batten’s color of the year. So be sure to read all the way through so you don’t miss it!

A key trend in 2021 is to use contrasting textures, materials, and colors that work well together. You may have found homes made of the same material throughout before. However, now modern homes are selecting earthy tones with metal and wood accents.

While paint color is a key part of any exterior home remodel, that is just one piece to having a cohesive look. Get it right the first time with brick&batten’s exterior home design service. See before you commit to costly changes on your largest investment!

15 BEST Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home in 2021

#1 // Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore

We absolutely love Kendall Charcoal for its unique ability to bring a variety of elements together. It’s no wonder we will repeatedly come back to it for homes in 2021. It has a very neutral gray tone that plays well with darker accent colors, while bringing out the warmth of stained woods. Kendall Charcoal is also an excellent back drop for potted greenery on your porch- adding a beautiful  accent color.

#2 // Alabaster by Benjamin Moore

If you love off white as much as we do but also have fond memories of the traditional beige home you may have grown up in, then you will want to consider Alabaster. We find the color to be perfect for the transitional modern look that works with a variety of styles, from cozy modern farmhouses to coastal estates with stucco cladding. This color is available by both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

#3 // Soot by Benjamin Moore

This dark grey is one that we see trending for dark accents in particular, but also is ideal for homes in secluded wooded areas, like the Colorado mountains. The darker shade nestles nicely in the landscape, helping to complement the natural beauty of its surroundings. Its dark neutral tone provides excellent contrast in a variety of applications and it makes warm natural materials really stand out.

#4 // Olympic Mountain by Benjamin Moore

Speaking of mountains, the Olympic Mountain paint color by Benjamin Moore is a truly exceptional off white that homeowners with a lot of brick are taking a liking. The LRV of the color is just right for homes that get a fair amount of sun and it has subtle warm notes that lean towards beige while remaining bright, clean, and cheery.

#5 // Repose Grey by Sherwin Williams

For homes with bronze metal and deep browns like dark walnut, a more neutral paint color can really keep those browns from getting lost because of the competing tones of its surroundings. Repose Grey is the trending go-to paint color for a bright neutral grey that gives dark brown accents a crisp contrast.

#6 // Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Simply white made our list for 2020 and is back again for 2021. Why? It is just the right amount of white without being too bright from the reflection of the sun. You will continue to see homes painted entirely in this color in 2021, but also it will be a common color for trim on modern homes that have just a slightly darker siding.

#7 // Onyx by Benjamin Moore

We are kind of in love with Onyx by Benjamin Moore. This color is all about adding contrast. It works extremely well on garage doors and windows, but can also be used to paint sections of the home or as the trim for darker-toned siding.

#8 // Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter has been around for a long time and finally made our list this year. It is so versatile! We frequently see it in use as the trim color on dark grey or blue homes and it can be the perfect color for brick or siding to achieve a sophisticated yet cozy feel. It’s dark enough to be the main color but light enough to play a supporting role. It’s just amazing.

#9 // Seapearl by Benjamin Moore

While interiors have been using Seapearl for a while now, it is making its way to modern and traditional exteriors. The color’s LRV and neutral tone makes it a sophisticated and contemporary choice for homes that want to be on trend with contrasting colors, textures, and materials like the one above

#10 // Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

Dark grays are really making their mark right now in exterior home design. The darkness of this one falls between the Kendall Charcoal and Soot color. The warm tones make it all the more inviting to guests. Iron Ore pairs well with brown accents in stone, mulch, bronze metal or copper accents.

#11 // Amazon Green by Benjamin Moore

While most of the on-trend exterior colors of 2021 are neutral based, there is one color we wanted to add to this list that pairs well with the rest. Amazon Green is almost a hunter green color that isn’t overly saturated, making it great color for an accent wall.

#12 // Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

For the max amount of contrast, there is the Tricorn Black. Darker then Onyx by Benjamin Moore, it’s a beautiful accent color for garage doors and shutters. It allows for a dark gray siding color, while still getting an ample amount of contrast.

#13 // Thunder by Benjamin Moore

Along with the lighter off-whites, trending in 2021 is a modern spin on darker beiges as well! Think more warm earthy gray. We love how this color looks with white siding, giving it a clean and airy vibe.

#14 // Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

If you couldn’t tell by now, charcoal and dark neutral siding is in style for 2021. Iron Mountain is a win in our book every time.

#15 // Urbane Bronze

Last but not least, Urbane Bronze has earned a top spot in our 15 best exterior paint colors for your home in 2021. Like you see on the door and sidelights in the picture above, this bronze color is primarily used as an accent color. That said, it can also be used as a base color in the right environment, bringing some extra warmth with stone, gray, and black surrounding.

brick&batten’s Color of the Year

For 2021, we chose Seapearl for the color of the year! While Kendall Charcoal was seriously considered, Seapearl by Benjamin Moore tipped the scales for us because of its unique versatility. Great as a trim, accent, siding, stucco, and brick color across a wide variety of home styles, Seapearl seems to have it all. It also won points for its nod to the current reprise of updated beige colors we are seeing in modern home trends.


This year, we will continue to see neutral colors from light and bright to moody and dark used on homes of all styles, especially when other materials such as wood and iron are incorporated into the design. In addition to neutrals, updated earthy tones will make a resurgence, in traditional and modern homes alike.

Remember, color is just one aspect of achieving your curb appeal goals. To find the best exterior paint colors for your home, with peace of mind your remodel will turn out great, is to use brick&batten’s exterior design service, where an exterior designer will create a custom design of your home and provide a realistic rendering so you know exactly what your home will look like before you even start the project. Get started today!