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Well Played Midcentury Modern…Well Played

  Something so inherently cool and sexy about Midcentury Modern architecture.  They feel effortless in their quest for allowing nature and light to fill their spaces.  A kind of “I woke up like this” attitude…only they really did.  The architecture boasts clean, simple lines and strategically placed windows that allow the natural elements to cascade ...


Houses Need Love, Too

When you love something, you take care of it, right? This month is all about House Love and different ways we show that love.  So let’s get down to business with 3 ways you can EASILY show love to your biggest investment.  And not by adorning it with fancy design elements, although that rocks, too. ...


It’s the Little Things

While painting the exterior packs a punch in the curb appeal game, it’s the little things that can add up to big style and make or break the exterior of your home.  Things like planters, house numbers, door knockers and even doormats can score big points and add up to a massive curb appeal win ...


Timing is Everything for Exterior Home Updates

Everyone waits till Spring to update, renovate, and paint and I’m here to tell you…you are missing a serious home exterior updates opportunity. It’s like walking into the Apple Store at Christmas and expecting to get all your questions answered….you won’t. First, timing is everything when it comes to your house. And while we wouldn’t ...


Revive Beauty With 2018 Exterior Paint Trends

Looking for the latest home exterior paint trends for 2018? Do you want to create a stylish house exterior that is sure to pop?  We are always in search of colors that inspire, provoke feeling, and draw attention to your home’s architectural qualities and details.  Years of experience and constant research has led us to ...