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An Honest Review of Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

This just might be the year for a bold move. Embrace some excitement and try on an almost-black exterior for size. When choosing an exterior paint color, something stormy might seem too intense. Here at brick&batten, we’ve seen black exteriors in action, which is why we’ve decided to write an honest review of Iron Ore ...


Painting Your Home’s Exterior? What You Need to Know Before Picking Up the Brush

Painting Your Home’s Exterior? What You Need to Know Before Picking Up the Brush Are you painting your home’s exterior? This is what you need to know before picking up the brush. I am asked everyday what to know before you start painting. People, just like you, want to know what paint color to choose ...


Inviting Home Exterior Paint Colors

Inviting home exterior paint colors… I’m always on the lookout for home exterior paint colors that are welcoming and inviting. There are color palettes that work on certain architecture and others that don’t. Painting your home is definitely an undertaking. That said, it’s one that you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s not like buying a bottle ...


Home Exterior Paint Colors That Work

Are you still looking to paint your home’s exterior but just can’t commit to a color? We get it! You need home exterior paint colors that work. Choosing exterior paint from a little paint chip, while rushing through the hardware store, is nearly impossible. Many of our brick&batten clients come to us because of this ...


16 BEST Paint Colors for Your Home’s Exterior in 2020

At brick&batten we have curated 16 of the best paint colors for your home’s exterior in 2020. Painting your home’s exterior can be quite a task… but if done correctly it can elevate your curb appeal without cutting into walls or backing a huge dumpster into your driveway for months! What I mean by done ...


Three 2018 Paint Color Trends We Are Loving & One Prediction for 2019

What are the three house exterior paint colors we are loving and a prediction for 2019?  Darks, whites, and grays keep returning in full force!  Dredging through showrooms, open houses, magazines, and trade shows, we become part mind reader, psychologist, and researcher.  We learn from experts in the field and sort through the nonsense.  Finally, ...