What is brick&batten’s Virtual Design Service?

This service provides guidance and creative direction to the homeowner who wants to give their home’s exterior simple cosmetic updates.Using a photo of your home, we design a fresh new look and create a Photoshop rendering of your home’s potential. We also provide you with a detailed resource list so you don’t find yourself lost in your local home improvement store.

"Oh. My. Word. I am in love!! This is absolutely perfect. Even my husband agrees. Your design service was worth every penny.It's scary to make a major change to your home without knowing you're making the right choices.I have such peace of mind now knowing everything. I went to the paint store this morning!" -B.M., Cornith, MS


"Highly recommend Brick & Batten! Easy process with amazing design results and timely service. We now have a visual "map" to move forward with to update our home. Loved the suggestions and recommendations and they quickly gave us options for details we needed more information about. Excited about moving forward when we were overwhelmed before. Thank you!"


"We love your vision and rendering of our home. Thank you!"

Becky, Woodland Hills, CA

"Honestly, there are no words to express our joy and excitement over the changes you suggested for our home. Never in a million years could I have seen what you all were able to see, to make this a great forever home. We are beyond excited to start the process of incorporating all of the improvements you have suggested. I can't believe the level of detail, not only in the photos but especially in the detailed notes you sent; those alone were worth the cost."

Rebecca, Central Valley, CA

"OMG! We love it! That's exactly what we were thinking. I seriously don't think there is one thing I would change. Thank you so much!!"

Cindy, Atlanta, GA

"OMG! What an amazing difference! I absolutely love everything!!!! You all literally took my mental vision and made it all possible!!! I’m obsessed!!! Looks sooo great! When we moved into this house I could see the potential and I told my husband we have to redo the exterior but this is even more than I imagined!"

Sally, Indianapolis, IN

WOW!!! We absolutely love the design. Everything looks incredible and this is going to breathe life into the building. Thank you, thank you!

Spencer, Lincoln Park, IL

"I love what you came up with for my house. It's really more awesome than I was even expecting."

Scott, Chicago, IL

"You guys! This is absolutely stunning! You literally took my ideas and made it into a virtual reality. One that I had a hard time coming up with on my own. I was astonished when I saw the white oh white. I had actually pictured this; but didn’t say anything because I wanted to see what you came up with. I guess it’s a sign."

Wendolyn, Dayton, OH

"We loved working with Brick & Batten! Going into it I had an “idea” of what we might want to do, but could not begin to visualize the end result. They were able to take our exterior black and white architectural rendering and layered in beautiful colors, materials and exterior fixtures; pulling everything together beautifully, while providing recommendations on how to complete the look. Money so well spent!"

Shanley, Atlanta, GA

"I absolutely love it!"

Marie, Long Island, NY

"WOW! This looks amazing. I love the bigger paned door. It's so unique!"

Cristina, Amarillo, TX

"We love this. Thank you so much!"

Brian, Atlanta, GA

"WOW! I absolutely love how you guys changed it! It meets all of my expectations and I can hardly wait to make my house look like this. You certainly have a gift."


We Help Owners Achieve
Home Exterior

Although our clients might have different reasons for partnering with us, we help each one achieve the same goal: a beautiful home. We’ve seen it all, and we love the opportunity to work with a variety of people.

Achieve Yours

People that work with us:

Those who want to sell their home.

Those who need help visualizing.

Those who need to update their home’s exterior on a budget.

Those who don’t know where to start.

How it works

  • You snap a photo of your home.

    Send a high-quality picture that shows as much detail as possible.

  • Fill out our short survey.

    Tell us why you want to boost your home’s curb appeal and whether or not you have certain preferences. If you want to transform the look of your forever home or simply raise your property value before selling, we work with your taste and our knowledge of home trends to design a stunning home exterior.

  • You sit back, and we get to work.

    We work with our design team to create a beautiful photo rendering or your home's exterior, giving you the power to visualize your dream home.

  • Execute Your Design Now or In Phases.

    Armed with a detailed shopping list and photo rendering, you have what you need to begin your design.

  • ENJOY!

    Enjoy your new home, knowing you have a partner in home design.

Our Exterior Design Solutions

brick&batten fills the gap between the big fancy architect and someone who simply needs a cosmetic update. Our design expertise makes us uniquely qualified to select the best home exterior colors and design elements to maximize curb appeal.

The Problem

Traditional home designers are expensive and typically require you to contract the work through them.

The Solution

brick&batten works to fill in the gap by providing you with a list of paint colors, lighting options, doors, windows, railings, shutters, etc. and front-porch decor. After receiving a visual rendering and clickable shopping list, you have the opportunity to carry out the design as you wish. By choosing your own contractor or handyman and requesting competitive quotes, you save money.

The Problem

I have no vision, and I need to see the whole picture before piecing together my home exterior.

The Solution

Absolutely a smart play! We provide you with a visual photo rendering so you can SEE your home's potential before making costly mistakes. Using the rendering you may complete the design in phases or do complete your project in phases with the help of a handyman.

The Problem

My builder sends me to a showroom and gives me choices on what I want to purchase.

The Solution

With brick&batten you are never alone. We will partner with you and help you make those difficult choices using your builders' selections.

The Problem

Architects are a fortune and after we pay for that we don't have the money to complete the work.

The Solution

Going back and forth with an architect is expensive! brick&batten is affordable and takes out the middle man. We are here for ideation and believe simple changes create a big impact.

Still have questions?

Do you have to physically come to my house to create the design?

Nope! We’ve streamlined the process, so we can work 100% remote and serve clients all over the United States.

What home styles can you work with?

We’ll work with whatever type of home you have. Colonial, Craftsman, Victorian, Ranch, Cape Cod, Midcentury, English Tudor, you name it.

How long does the process usually take?

After we receive your survey and photo, we try to deliver a design to you within about 14 business days.

Am I able to request revisions?

You have 48 hours to request a free revision of one design element. If you want more changes, there is a nominal fee depending on the time spent and design needed. Check out our a la carte revisions.

Do ​you ​tell ​me ​exactly ​what ​to ​buy?

We tell you what to buy, and most of the time we even include where you purchase the items. More often than not, you can buy it directly from brick&batten. See our Shop and Additional Items for more details.

How much does it cost?

You will receive a completely designed, image of your home for $900. You can choose to purchase any of the recommended design elements, many of which will be available through brick&batten. This price includes one revision.

Can you create a home addition or porch on my home that isn't there?

Sometimes. We don’t do major architectural changes or create something that’s not there; however, we can use blueprints, a drawing, or even another photo of a porch you like to bring your design to life.

What if I want the back of my home or another side of my property designed too?

If you want us to transform another side of your home, we can make recommendations for plants, lighting, paint, and more for an additional fee.

I love the door, shutters, and/or porch swing you put on my house design. Can you help me with how to measure and place the order?

Absolutely! We have excellent vendors and service representatives that make custom doors, shutters, porch swings. We will help with the whole process, connecting you with specialists to help measure and order. Please let us help you bring your design to life!